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Were you always dreaming of a wedding in a fairy-like nature reserve with a place to host all of your guests? Or perhaps a magical honeymoon? We got what you need!

We can provide the facility, a unique service and an excellent menu suggestions from our chef. Only a few minutes away you will be able to find a historic and magical church to host all of your guests on your special day. We will tailor-make each individual order based upon your needs and wishes. 

Please contact us, we are here to help.

Nyhyttans Kyrka

Nyhyttans Kyrka 50 m

Järnboås Kyrka

Järnboås Kyrka 7 km

Hjulsjö Church

Hjulsjö Kyrka 15 km

Grythyttans Kyrka

Grythyttans Kyrka 24 km

Nora Kyrka

Nora Kyrka 24 km


Nyhyttans gård

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